All photographers are hustlers!

Amiel Deguman-American Massage Therapy Association

My new clients expressed to me how happy he was to have decided to spend the money and finally shoot with a professional photographer.  

He believed, and I quote, “all photographers are hustlers,” and that, “they’ll do anything to take your money, so why bother when there is a plethora of friends and family with cameras?”  

After reflecting about it for a moment, I said, “Well, all photographers are hustlers.” We’re all hustling to earn your business just as Investment bankers are hustling to identify breakthrough opportunities for their clients. 

So what causes someone to feel like hustling is the same as being hustled?  

Photographers that have a definite interest in your success are usually the ones that appreciate and care about what they do. 

Those are the people that invest in learning what it takes to make you appear confident, approachable, professional, and trustworthy in the photography, and it’s easy to see the difference. Not only do these photographers give every client 110%, but they also love doing so, and in turn, earn the client’s respect. 

When you choose a University, do you look at all of them and choose the lowest priced classes? Or do you listen too who teaching and how your tribe rates that teacher?  

Why would you ever look for the lowest priced photographer without at least researching the investment value? 

Will the images be useful to you? Does the tribe respect and know this photographer? Did you bother picking up the phone and talking to the photographer? Did you ask your representatives if their work is acceptable to management standard? 

The answer to a photographer that doesn’t make you feel ‘hustled’ is research!  

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Top Event Photographer in Rhode Island

By hiring a top event photographer, you can ensure that your event gets the best coverage and most amazing photos. To capture the critical moments of an event, you will need professional photography services. Everyone can own a high-end camera., but the camera alone can’t catch the importance of your event.   Professional photography isn’t just about having a good camera. The most important thing is being able to professionally use the camera and other equipment to capture good images. A professional event photographer captures images with artistic sense along with the knowledge of how to use camera equipment properly.  You should hire someone who can turn raw images into amazing photographs by applying their expertise in using photo editing software to develop your pictures.  


It is essential that event photographs should have a professional look. For instance, an experienced event photographer can produce memorable images that truly reflect your event. Professional sense is even more critical in the business events. If you are promoting your brand or launching a particular product you need the professional images to highlight your event.

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These pictures will make their way to the media as a part of your press release or social media networks. If you want to highlight your event truly then don’t miss the moments with lousy photography. Hiring a top event photographer is the only solution for you to make your event first-rate through the images.