We have extensive experience working with construction companies of all sizes – for subcontractors and civil engineering consultants. In addition, we provide high-quality images of your services or products to be used in your brochures and publicity material.
When you need professional photography to document a construction project, contact us. We can help you capture every project stage, from start to finish. Whether you need images for progress reports or to promote new housing development, we can help.

Imagine photography reflecting the professionalism of your project for marketing and advertising material. Don’t let down an aesthetical construction and architectural project with inferior photography that does not do justice.
Construction Photography
Imagine your construction project judged by the quality of the project’s photography. Don’t ruin it with inferior photography.
Hard working construction images which earn their keep! Many clients are still using ELPriceLLc’s photographs years after the shoot, making them very cost-effective, and used for websites, advertising and all forms of marketing, for companies of all sizes.
It never ceases to amaze some people how excited I get about a slab of concrete! As a photographer, architecture offers many a challenge. Many factors that come together to make photographing the exterior and interior of a building technically very demanding.
architecture photography
Each photography assignment is quoted based on a thorough understanding of the shoot requirements and shot list. I’m always happy to meet with clients in advance to discuss and plan the shoot in detail
architectural photography
Useful architectural photography is about telling, and sometimes selling, a story.
construction photography
We work in all forms of Industrial Photography and Construction Photography, with experience from small sites through to large-scale projects.
We carefully study every aspect of the project and the requirements the images need to fulfill, including the concept behind the shoot and the desired look you want to achieve.
We have been commissioned by architects, construction companies, developers and design agencies to photograph their projects.
industrial photography
Construction photographer for specialist magazines, equipment suppliers, architects, and construction companies