ELPriceLLc-Video Production
As professional storytellers with experience, we can create a video that will generate genuine human interest and build lasting relationships. Our edge comes from understanding that the most influential documentary is not an advertisement or promotional video but an opportunity for a corporation to demonstrate sincerity and ensure audience trust.

Listeners are seeking ‘truth’ and ‘credibility’ from the information communicated by companies and organizations. There’s no better way to share your unique values than through a corporate video.

Every business has a story to tell, and whether you want to communicate a message, promote a cause or generate awareness of your business, we can help get that across in a meaningful way.

On-site Testimonial and Interviews

You’ve got all your customers at a central location at the same time. Now is the perfect opportunity to create a batch of testimonial interviews at a fraction of the cost of traveling to each customer in their city.

We’re very good at turning conference rooms into interview sets. We can even bring in a green screen, giving you the flexibility to drop in any backdrop!

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