Host a Corporate Headshot Day

You don’t get a second chance to make an excellent first impression.
That’s why your profile photo is so valuable.

Looking for a different holiday gift for your employees or organization’s members? Trying to find new approaches for corporate marketing and employee incentive programs?

Organizations wishing to improve their branding efforts or want an added benefit to their members may find what they are looking for with a Corporate Headshot Day Event.

What is a Corporate Headshot day?

Offered by organizations or employers, a Corporate Headshot Day is an occasion for individuals to receive a professional headshot at a free or reduced rate. This one-day event is convenient for organizations to offer professional photography to their members quickly, stress-free.

Where does the event take place?

Typically our on-location headshots events operate within a 60-mile radius of Providence, Rhode Island. However, organizations may choose to schedule their headshot event at our fully equipped studio, where we will handle every aspect of the shoot in a convenient location. As an alternative, our team can accommodate corporations that wish to host the event on-location, bringing our expertise to your office for even more convenience.

Headshots: what does this event cost?

Professional organizations and corporations may wish to host this event to benefit their employees and members, costing the organization nothing.

 Individuals who choose to schedule a headshot will pay a significantly reduced fee for their photos. Organizations wishing to offer an even greater benefit to their members may elect to pay the individual costs, allowing participants to receive their headshots completely free.

What does the event include?

Eligible members will receive an email about the Corporate Headshot Event detailing the specific information about the upcoming photo shoot. In addition, they will be provided with a secure, customized registration page, allowing them to schedule their headshot at a convenient time. Our highly skilled photographers will offer wardrobe and make-up suggestions and ensure that the individual is at ease during the shoot.

What do participants receive?

Participants in the headshot event will receive retouched, professional digital images used on marketing materials, social media profiles like LinkedIn, and more.

Why should my organization schedule a Headshot Day?

By offering a corporate headshot event, organizations can provide a meaningful service to their members. In addition, they are supporting their organization’s branding and marketing efforts by ensuring that all members have a similar look in their corporate image.

How do I schedule one?

Contact Ernest Price Photography for more information or schedule your organization’s Corporate Headshot Day event. As a result, your organization gets quality, professional images to use as marketing material, and your members receive a high-quality image to use for their business needs.