Business Headshot

A professional headshot is an essential accessory for creating a professional image and advancing your career. Headshots are often used to grow your business, apply for graduate or fellowship programs, present you as a speaker at a conference and improve your LinkedIn profile.


All digital proofs delivered to the client, one retouched headshot

Pricing: $175


Team Corporate Headshot Package

Your team or executive leadership is photographed in a cohesive style producing a united view of your company and strengthening your brand. These corporate headshots are often used not only on your company’s website but also for newsletters, media submissions, press kits, or LinkedIn profiles.


All digital proofs delivered to the client, one retouched headshot per person



 Team of 1 – 4 people is $175.00 per person;

Team of 5 – 09 people is $85.00 per person;

Group of 10 – 20 people is $65.00 per person.

We will send a PayPal invoice link after the consultation.

Annual Report Package

The annual report shoot consists of portraying your leadership team dynamically, capturing the stories illustrating the company’s achievements and notable initiatives over the past year. We work with you to develop the images that reinforce your annual report’s text and illustrate the core theme of the publication.


All digital proofs delivered to the client, Retouched images delivered 2 weeks after the selection from the client.


Discussed during the consultations and depends on the specifics of your project and publication layout.

Schedule 30 minutes consultation

Website Package

This is an editorial shoot that illustrates the products and services that you offer to clients. We use the customer-centered approach to translate your internal processes into images that speak to your services’ value and show the products’ best features to your clients.


All digital proofs delivered to the client. Retouched images delivered 2 weeks after the client’s selection—weekday scheduling available upon request.

Pricing: $800




Regardless of the session you book, we schedule a consultation with you that can occur via phone or video call (if you like, you can send us an email summarizing your project beforehand).

During this time, we talk about your project’s details, including the type of shoot to best feed your needs, number of individuals to photograph, creative brief, budget, usage/licensing, scheduling, branding guidelines, delivery timeline, and image requirements. You may not have all the information during our initial consultation, so we work with you to outline options and put together a plan to tackle your project with confidence.


Based on this information, we can provide a detailed estimate and propose a production plan that may include location scouting, setup coordination, processing, and image delivery.

Pre-Shoot Planning: 

Once you accept the estimate, we coordinate with you to visit your company to identify the right spots on-site to tell your company’s story or evaluate the space for optimal studio set up before the shoot takes place. Once we have a good plan in place, you will receive a custom booking confirmation.


Digital proofs or raw files are delivered 48 hours after the shoot via email. We will transmit files over 10 GB via an external hard drive.

Retouching (color correction, blemish removal, etc.) of photos is complete within 2 weeks after selecting the client.

Per the request of the client, advanced retouching will be billed at $75/hour.


I have had the opportunity to shoot everything from start-ups to influential commercial brands, and what I cherish most about every project is the marvelous people and helping them realize their visual goals. Being a part of a success story is a pursuit I treasure. I’m a visual storyteller, and I use it to visually support my clients to portray themselves and their brands uniquely. And continuously drive myself to improve more and meet new challenges to produce incredible results for my clients. By capture and create visuals with a blending of value and status.

Corporate Photography FAQs

How long does the individual business headshot shoot take?

When we work with an individual, we like to set aside 45 minutes to get a good variety of images.

How long does the team corporate headshot shoot take?

When we shoot a team, we work to optimize schedules and time. In general, a headshot for one professional can be 10 – 20 minutes. However, we have worked with companies that needed to photograph 70+ people in one day, and we know we can do it with good planning. 

Where will the team headshot shoot take place?

As long as you can give enough space for studio lighting setup (or elect for headshots to be shot in natural light), we can photograph all members of your team on site. Alternatively, you can bring your team to our studio located in down city Providence, RI.

Do I have to sign any paperwork?

Yes, both parties sign a contract that helps set the right expectations and ensure we are on the same page. Among other items, it details the project, delivery, and usage of images.

What should our team wear to the headshot session?

A lot of times, this depends on your company’s culture and the way you want to come across to your clients. We’ve photographed IT startups in jeans and t-shirts, celebrity chefs in aprons, physicians in lab coats, and bankers in suits.

I want the shoot to take place during regular business hours. Are you available?

We realize that the best time to take photos for your team is when everyone is in the office, so we adjust the calendar according to your schedule and timelines (give us enough notice.)

What if I need to match the headshots to the previous photos done a few years ago?

In this event, you will need to provide an example of the previously done headshots. We will evaluate the setup and lighting and let you know the requirements to match the look.

How do the photographs of leadership for the annual report differ from the headshot shoot?

Usually, headshots are produced using a neutral background or seamless studio backdrop. We often want to show leaders amid their daily activities, interacting with clients or partners, and highlighting the company’s overall environment for the annual report.

Also, the annual report may have a theme that the leadership wants to communicate, such as innovation, sustainability, craftsmanship, tradition, or focus on the customer. Photography is then planned to incorporate these themes and share them through photos.

How long does it take to photograph one person for the annual report?

Usually, we like to budget 30-40 minutes to get enough variability of images, often photographing your executive at a few locations to provide options for the annual report layout. We have worked with executives who have busy schedules and can get great options within only 15 minutes.

How does the website shoot differ from the annual report?

The objective of the website shoot is to highlight the products or services that you offer. The shoot is structured to identify the processes within your company that add value to your offering, distinguish it from the competition and elevate it in the customer’s eyes. Familiar images include detailed shots of the product, photos of the team constructing and executing the development, photographs of the team interactions, and pictures of clients using the product. Often these images can be used for promotional collateral (such as a brochure or flyer) as well as annual reports (if you want to bring more focus to your products and services).

How long does the website shoot last?

Depending on the scenarios you want to capture, the shoot lasts 1 – 4 hours. This time can be broken among multiple days to optimize your employees’ availability and capture various teams in your organization. 

What kind of usage rights will I get to the photos?

We are pleased to provide the editorial image license to use on your website/social media at no additional cost. 

Photograph commercial license rights for print or advertisement are negotiated separately.

How can our team prepare for the shoot?

When it comes to photographing a group of people, it helps when someone on your team can coordinate schedules and reserve rooms to make sure everyone shows up at the right place at the right time.

Do you provide discounts to regular clients?

Yes, we offer a discounted rate for businesses and organizations that book 2 or more shoots per year with us.

Do you do event photography?

No, we do not think we are a good fit for this assignment. Our corporate photography approach is more precise as we prefer to move beyond reportage and focus on delivering quality images through direction and careful lighting.


Do you do event photography?

No, we do not think we are a good fit for this assignment. Our corporate photography approach is more precise as we prefer to move beyond reportage and focus on delivering quality images through direction and careful lighting.

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